Redevelopment of the harbour of Amsterdam but not connected to the old city by water.

Havenstad Connected Development

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The next big housing project in Amsterdam will be the redevelopment of the big sea harbour inside the city circle motorway. as a project name it was given “Havenstad” “Harbour city” in total 70.000 house ar projected in this aerea on both sides of the big shipping sea connected canal.

but at this moment it is a disconnected development plan lacking a true blue vision. The vast amounts of water are completely neglected and left as empty spaces surrounding the dense projected living spaces.

We envision an other option. These vast empty spaces should be used in a high quality blue vision. we see floating restaurants, clubs and hotels. small harbors and most important in this stage of the planning a canal connecting this new part of urban Amsterdam with the oldest part of amsterdam.

This makes trips over water possible between hotels en restaurants offices and clubs on both sides of the canal.  it is possible since the main train Lines that cross the projected canal run on a elevated level and at the moment the path had a inpoact on just some properties, whereas we wait and build up before we project the canal it will be impossible to clear the path of the possible most important canal of the city

and of course I would not mind of you call it the insinger canal but new amsterdam canal would probably be more suitable lol.