Humber Keel

Created with Private Owner

a design classic live aboard.

build according the lines plan of a Humber Keel, a cargo vessel first build about 500 years ago witch has roots dating back to the viking ships from an era long gone, and then optimised for the purpose of live aboard in the centre of Amsterdam. But also a going vessel is good option.

Why would you build a cargo vessel to live on instead of converting one or living on a yacht designed for people instead of freight. To put it simple the beauty of the industrial loft combined with living on the water but then with enough headspace to enjoy life to the fullest. and to do what ever you want with the space inside.

But also designed to be build for the UK as a live aboard in or around London or as a going vacation home. all is possible.

The first one is called Naatje, witch is a typical Dutch name with direct ties to Amsterdam and my personal history. For a dutch explanation of it’s origin have a look at Wikipedia

The second one is also build and has a mooring also in centre of Amsterdam.

a cliënt is concideren a third build project

  • Client - Private Owner
  • Date - started 2012
  • Skills/Tools Used - yacht design, project management, yacht construction, home automation, interior design