Insinger & Company

Insinger & Co is a international operating company with it’s roots in the historic city of Amsterdam. We work together with numerous companies and professionals to achieve our goals. We want to innovate for tomorrow. In our minds that means that Blue is the new Green. Water will be playing a ever growing role in every day lives for the near future. Sea levels are rising, climate is changing. Clean drinking water will become a very precious commodity. This means that there will be a growing interest in ventures that focus on the Blue stuff. For centuries The Netherlands have fought successfully against water, we believe the time has come that we should now think towards living with it instead. and make H2O our main focus for the coming decennia.

The urbanisation of the world is still evolving in a very fast pace, this means that most large cities around the world are over populated the most attractive cities are found on the waterfront. This together with the fact of rising seawater levels. That means we have a solution to come up with for the aquatic urbanization of the worlds population. Large innovative projects for living and working with and on water are already being initiated all around the globe, so let’s get on that moving train and improve our lives by making Blue the new Green.

We are Insinger & Company we form teams, collaborations or separate companies for each project or product, hence the & Company. We work under the adagio “Together Each Achieves More” in short T.E.A.M. Do not hesitate to contact us for new partnering opportunities.